York House Group

An informal alliance of small and medium sized charities and social enterprises working in the criminal justice sector in London.

Each member of the group works with prisoners, ex-offenders and people at risk of offending. We offer a range of services, training, facilities and support to help men and women who want to turn their lives around.

Transforming Rehabilitation

York House Group has been formed in response to the opportunities (and threats) presented by the Government’s Transforming Rehabilitation programme.

We want to help ensure that this process respects the aims and ethos, and protects the value, of small and medium sized organisations. These community-based teams have a unique contribution to make to the fight against crime in London.

Members of the Group meet regularly to exchange news and views, share contacts and information.

York House Group

• showcases the work of its members

• demonstrates that real partnerships exist in the world of charity and social enterprise (3rd sector)

• works for the benefit of society.

We also present opportunities to larger organisations to work with existing networks of local charities and enterprises.